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Kareem Taylor is a highly sought after speaker that inspires audiences to tell their stories — on the web and in the world. 

Kareem's live presentation masterfully weaves in human behavior, pop culture, design, branding, storytelling, movements, riots, blood and more to illustrate:

  • how to foster your "growth" mindset
  • how to tell stories that spread and make impact
  • how to educate audiences to crave your stories

Audiences walk away from Kareem's presentation feeling confident about selling their ideas, looking forward to effectively collaborating with others and ultimately, with an entirely new mindset. 

Kareem has given presentations at Google, PromaxBDA: The Conference, the University of Southern California (USC) and more. 


The Power of Networking, Mentorship and Allies

As a teenager growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Kareem took advantage of the big city. Even further, as a college student, he took advantage of everything at his disposal. He landed mentors in entertainment, and learned the business early. This is why, by age 16, he was already interning at Black Entertainment Television, as one of the youngest employees.

In this talk, Kareem teaches professionals how to leverage their professional relationships for career success.

Mentorship is intended to be a two-way street, but far too often it's just one way. As a culture, we're obsessed with making great leaders even greater. But what we're really bad at is uncovering the leader in all of us.

Embrace Your Weird

It's easy to view your difference as odd or undesirable. In this talk, Kareem argues that it's in fact your difference, your adversity, your flaw, that is actually your biggest competitive advantage. 

In this talk, Kareem teaches professionals how to leverage their "weird" and personal mission for career success.

Stop Waiting and Start Writing

As an author and writer himself, Kareem knows exactly what it takes to self-publish a book. From brainstorming topics to putting the book on a bookstore shelf, Kareem knows it all. 

In this talk, Kareem teaches professionals how to use books to grow their business, and how to launch a public speaking career.

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