Kareem Taylor delivers global keynote speeches, presentations and workshops
often at dozens of events, companies, organizations and universities.



To date, he has spoken at Google, PromaxBDA: The Conference, Hubspot's INBOUND and more.

Kareem is an inspiring and motivating speaker who masterfully commands the stage with his presence. In his talks, he weaves in the growth mindset, human behavior, pop culture, branding, storytelling in the digital age and more to illustrate how to:

  • Foster your growth mindset

    • Based on Carol Dweck’s research, Kareem shares the tenets of the growth mindset. This session focuses on leaders and teaching them how to develop an endless love of improvement — and how that translates to business success.

  • Stop waiting and start writing

    • In this talk, Kareem shares with leaders how to create content that resonates. Specifically, he helps leaders become thought leaders — people who influence with their insights in any industry. But first — write.

  • Embrace your weird

    • We’re taught to strengthen our weaknesses. But Kareem doesn’t believe in that. Instead, Kareem encourages leaders to strengthen their strengths by focusing on internal motivation, prioritization and talent.

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