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Kareem Taylor delivers global keynote speeches, presentations and talks often at dozens of events, companies, organizations and universities. To date, he has spoken at Google, PromaxBDA: The Conference, Hubspot's INBOUND and more.

He masterfully weaves in human behavior, pop culture, branding, storytelling, process, riots, blood and more to illustrate how to:

  • Foster your "growth" mindset
    • Whether you're a member on a team, or you're creating your own projects, you can benefit from a growth mindset. The saying is true "If you can believe it, you can achieve it." But getting there? Not so much. Kareem walks through the mindset you need to achieve extraordinary results for yourself — or for your team.
  • Bring inspiring creativity to your work
    • Employers want it, high-performing individuals crave it. Creativity is no longer just a trait to be used by actors, designers and YouTube influencers. Everyone can be creative — and the new age of work & performance demands it. Kareem walks through how to unleash your creativity through masterful intention.
  • Tell stories in the digital age
    • The internet has changed everything — from the way people discover products, to the way people gather. The way we engage customers needs to match this shift. Kareem walks through how to design our digital ecosystem so that we're set up to convert onlookers into passionate fans, customers or clients.

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