Creative Coaching Session

Creative Coaching Session

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From Kareem:

Over the last eight years, I’ve hosted retreats, keynoted conferences, written articles, directed films, produced podcasts, voiced award-winning commercials and wrote an Amazon bestselling book. I use this skill set along with deep industry experience to help people like YOU transform the way you think & operate in the world.

I started my career as a voiceover actor, where I’ve successfully voiced over 500 promos and commercials for clients including CNN, ESPN, Sony and more. Since then, I’ve moved even further behind the scenes helping to create some of the content I used to voice. I’ve held leadership roles at top marketing agencies where I was responsible for telling their story. Now, I’ve struck out on my own to run a successful innovations consultancy.

Here’s what you get with coaching:

  • Ask ANY question you have and receive customized insight

  • Strategic advice from an unbiased source (I want YOU to win, always!)

  • A free accountability worksheet to guide our conversation

  • Access to 15+ Years of insights on media, marketing, book publishing, voiceover, strategy and branding.

One 1-Hour Coaching Session:
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“As founders and entrepreneurs, we are often lost in our own minds, finding creative solutions to keep our vision alive.  I tried that for 8 years (living in my head) and then decided that I needed someone outside of my business to give a fresh perspective on what’s happening. Kareem was like work therapist! Because of Kareem, I feel more confident now about the messaging and tone The Tiyya Foundation presents to the public. I look forward to working with Kareem regularly in 2019 so we can really flush out the possibilities and help transform the way people engage with the organization. Thank you so much, Kareem!” - Meymuna HC.

“The land of voice overs is magical and lots of times a mystery! I found myself wanting to begin my career, but I just didn’t know how. Kareem was the only person I actually knew who did voice overs and I reached out and he gave me more than enough advice to begin. He not only told me what he did to get started, but advice from his experience. I appreciate it so much!” — Taylor P.  

“I was email introduced to Kareem by a mutual friend and within hours of my inquiry, he laid out a detailed roadmap for me that is still printed and posted on my wall! At the time, I had zero experience in the voiceover industry, he was able to lay out for me step-by-step what to do first, second and third and what my options were. When you're traveling to a new destination, having someone from that place hand you a map, point out landmarks and confirm you're headed in the right direction is invaluable. Thank you Kareem!” Wilson M.

“After leaving your workshop, and sitting in traffic on the 5 for hours, I saw myself contemplating the question — what problem am I trying to solve? And then it hit me after thinking about the writing prompt. The problem that I want to solve is as a young woman how do I overcome society's taboo attitude towards open sexually women? And my process to overcome that myself and becoming more sexually comfortable!” - Shalice S.

“I learned a lot from my Business Coaching session with Kareem. I've only shared this idea to start a new business with my brother and now Kareem. I felt nervous initially when I started our coaching session, though, Kareem's solid advice put me at ease and gave me the confidence needed to move forward. There's something to be said about sharing one's idea's and dreams with others, for me it is incredibly validating to conceptualize my vision with highly successful entrepreneurs, like Kareem. His guidance during our session made me feel capable in my abilities to tap into the resources available to me within my own city. I plan to maintain that same excitement and momentum with building my business with the start of the new year. After my conversation with Kareem, I honestly felt more fearless in my pursuit to bring my business to reality.” — Margo.