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At the intersection of
people & business.

Kareem Taylor helps leaders and teams transform their organizations, teams
and when we’re lucky, the world.

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What we do


Create, design and facilitate bespoke experiences that spark creativity and ignite insightful communication.

A complete offering of writing, research, brand & content auditing, customer journey and business offering evaluation.

Kareem has inspired audiences across five continents at various organizations, events, conferences and more.

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What we believe


Creativity can solve business challenges.
At the heart of what we do is creativity. It gives us the ability to look beyond surface level and unearth impactful solutions to tough organizational challenges.

People are at the heart of every business.
Organizational success begins with the people inside of it. It’s up to them to gather the tools they need to see their own potential — and the potential of the people they lead.

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