The mirror

It was something I noticed all throughout grade school and college, and these days in the working environment. The teacher would pose a question, and students would raise their hand.

But it wasn’t until college where I noticed that just because you had the answer, didn’t mean you raised your hand. I can remember all the times I had the answer, but sat quiet, afraid I may be wrong, in front of everyone. Though I knew I was right.

So what ended up happening was a disconnect. People who had the answers sat quiet and got mad at those who raised their hand. They say to themselves “I had the answer. I should’ve raised my hand.”

Then, we find ourselves pointing fingers. All because someone else was confident enough to have the answer and at the same time, raise their hand.

I’d argue that the way forward is raising your hand. Because if you have the answer, or you can lead the team that does, you get the change you seek.