The innovator

What makes an idea crazy? Possibly because no one else is doing it. But are crazy ideas actually the ideas that change the world? Lena Bryant’s story would say so. When doing research for an upcoming talk, I ran across an interesting story about Lane Bryant, the company Lena went on to found.

Out of a job, living in Manhattan as an immigrant, she began to create maternity clothes for pregnant women. Many of whom lived in the high society of New York. Keep in mind, this is during a time where women were not to be seen as pregnant. It was ludicrous and unexpected for anyone to even think of maternity clothing. But Lena bucked the system.

The establishment, as always, sought to protect life as it was. They would have preferred for fashion to stay the same, for women to stay in their place, for life to be as it is. But Lena, brave and determined, like you and I should be, saw an opportunity. And she revolutionized an industry, creating her own way in the process.

When you look at the characteristics of outliers, or originals, or linchpins, they all have an attribute in common. The ability to ignore life as it is and to act on what could be.

I’d argue that’s your next step.