Here’s the method I use to sell 1,000 books a month

When I self-published my book in October 2015, it was an immediate hit. No, it didn’t make the NY Times Bestseller list, but a hit amongst my tribe. I’ve got a mailing list with thousands of people subscribed. I’ve got a huge network of people including friends, family and colleagues. So when I announced my pre-sale, I was getting about … Read More

Kareem Taylor LIVE in Los Angeles for new writing workshop

Come to the ONLY writing workshop in Los Angeles that teaches you how to tell stories in the DIGITAL age! Got a story you’re just itching to tell? Join me on Saturday, January 28th for a transformative 3-hour workshop in beautiful Burbank! You won’t leave the same way you came in. I work with aspiring authors who want to tell their stories and … Read More

The Five Things I Did To Become a Better Writer

Two years ago in Harlem, I was sitting at a coffee shop staring at a blank document on my laptop.  I was trying to write my first book and nothing was coming to me. Literally, I had nothing. I desparately needed to cure this writers block so I could actually write my book. I started to search the web for ways, tactics … Read More

Resume Holding You Back: 11 Tips That’ll Earn You More Interviews

Writing a résumé is by no means an experience of magic. If you spend enough time crafting a professional résumé, and put a considerable amount of effort into it, your résumé will help you in securing a qualified position in your field. Below are some of the tips you should follow when writing a résumé: Don’t make it long as … Read More