Episode 4: Talent

Welcome to episode #4 of this currently untitled podcast. Two years ago, I was introduced to a singer who I thought was not the best. She was attractive, she had a great image, but she was not the most talented singer. Over the next few months, she released a mixtape and built an online following. Just last year, I received … Read More

Connecting The Dots

Learn more each and every day. Everything you learn is for a reason (and can be used for greater good). Continue to connect the dots.

When You Do Something Exceptional

When you write a blog post, you¬†include a surprise (like a free audio link). When you sing in front of an audience, your performance is better than the pros. When you present to a group of people, you don’t use Power Point, you create a short video. When you do something exceptional, you cut through the noise, and you stand … Read More

One Thing To Do This Summer

You have been blessed with a skill, talent or idea. This summer, I challenge you to share it with more people.

7 Smart Decisions All Kids Under 25 Should Make (Includes Free Audio Link)

Here are a few things that are always a part of my thought process. Please feel free to share this with someone you think might benefit. 1) Stay later than you have to.¬†Whether it’s work, internship, lunch with someone important, get there on time (ten minutes before), and stay until the conversation and enthusiasm has left the room. The secret … Read More