7 Smart Decisions All Kids Under 25 Should Make (Includes Free Audio Link)

Here are a few things that are always a part of my thought process. Please feel free to share this with someone you think might benefit. 1) Stay later than you have to. Whether it’s work, internship, lunch with someone important, get there on time (ten minutes before), and stay until the conversation and enthusiasm has left the room. The secret … Read More

Don’t expect another Lauryn Hill album

You grow up wishing to be a cultural phenomenon. Then, one day, it happens. Now, with just one effort, you’ve become legend and respected within your field. What’s the incentive to keep going when more money isn’t what you want? With just one album, you’re able to: sell 7 million copies perform at sold out shows still remain relevant make … Read More

Five rules for sending an email to someone important

When in doubt, press send. Ask for what you want by the end of your second sentence Simplify your signature The subject should not be longer than six words Check all of your links to make sure they work Thank them for taking the time out to read your email In our digital age, this matters.

Instead of saying you’re funny, make us laugh

Yesterday morning, while I was riding the Brooklyn-bound train, a man boarded the cart, and sat down. As the train approached his stop, he began handing out his card unsurely proclaiming “I’m a comedian. All of my stuff is on my YouTube. I’m really funny.” While it sounds funny in retrospect, all I could think is.. if you want us to … Read More