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I'm a professional speaker and can be hired to speak at your event.

Reach out to me by emailing kt@kareemtaylor.com to see if I'm available. My calendar fills up quickly, so please do not hesitate.

What others are saying

"Kareem Taylor delivered our 2016 opening keynote address, sponsored by the Largest Broadcaster in South Africa, The SABC. His electrifying and insightful presentation on Digital Storytelling went down a storm with the PromaxAfrica audience. We look forward to  welcoming Kareem to Australia in 2017!" — Vanessa Sheldrick, PromaxBDA Event Director 2016

"Kareem’s dynamic and engaging presentation brought to life the importance of mentoring. Through his compelling stories, he advocated for mentorship from the eyes of someone who benefitted so greatly by the experience. I, among others truly gravitated to his energy, enthusiasm and charisma. Was left with a new found excitement about mentoring and the impact it can have on so many." — Esther Weinberg, Owner, MindLight Group, PromaxBDA 2016 Conference Organizer

Kareem Taylor

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Mentorship is intended to be a two-way street, but far too often it’s just one way. As a culture, we’re obsessed with making great leaders even greater. But what we’re really bad at is uncovering the leader in all of us. We would never ignore our children, or give our parents bad advice, so why do we readily do it when it comes to mentoring emerging talent in business?

Since the beginning of time, we look to digest information in the form of a story. Who, what, when, where and why. So why do we pretend as if this has changed? The challenge, then, is finding a new way to tell them. This session will reignite your love for storytelling and improve how you articulate your ideas — to any audience.

This workshop is specifically about You. Your dreams, your goals, your potential. And what to do with it. Your next big break is coming and there's only one important question to answer: Will you see it or will you miss it? This workshop is about big breaks in our careers and in our personal passions. Big breaks are moments that make us believe again. But, I argue, we must be able to see the big break in order to make something that matters. Far too many people don't see it.