Because we love people and we love R&B.

Every day, at 18,000 podcast downloads, Pillow Talk with Kareem The Dream aims to do two things: share a remarkable commercial-free urban contemporary broadcast with our friends and make the world a little better.

Pillow Talk is a leading digital provider of music, news and information for urban culture. We reach people where they are locally in New York, to dozens of cities across the United States.

The start of Pillow Talk
In 2009, then student Kareem Taylor was on the search for R&B on the radio in Atlanta. What he found was a popular and inspiring late-night show hosted by legendary radio host, Joyce Littel. Just weeks later, the show was canceled. That left R&B radio in the hands of no one. This gave Kareem the idea to do something about it.

The road trip to New Orleans
On a road trip from Atlanta, Kareem and his classmates headed to New Orleans. While there, a high-spirited conversation on the difference between men and women sparked up.

To describe relationship gossip, they called it “pillow talk”. Kareem, intrigued by the term, decided to use it for his new radio show. And when he got back to Atlanta, he did just that.

On October 12th, 2009, Pillow Talk premiered on WSTU 98.1, Clark Atlanta University’s student station. At the end of the school year, the 4,000-student body awarded Pillow Talk the coveted Student Life Award for “Best Radio Show”.

The move to New York City
In 2010, Kareem graduated college and moved to New York City to pursue a career as an announcer. When efforts to land a job at a radio station fell flat, he decided to bring Pillow Talk to New York City. He saved up money, brought a home studio and starting broadcasting from home.

From the beginning, Kareem set out to make Pillow Talk a different type of broadcast. Packed with entertainment, lifestyle topics and lots of good R&B, Kareem admits his most important task is to create a connection with listeners that is built to last.