The Pillow Talk show finale airs live Tuesday, March 4th 2014. 

After nearly five incredible and truly entertaining years, and at the peak of its success, the Pillow Talk show is coming to an end. Your support over the years has and still is the thing that keeps me going.

In the fall of 2009, the only thing I wanted to do was get students on campus to listen to this new radio show I’d started. I was a film major so I had no business in the radio major’s WSTU studios trying to do a show. But it was on my heart, and something I just had to try.

The first episode featured Dr. Christopher Bass, a leading professor of psychology at Clark Atlanta University answering our questions about love and relationships. See: I wanted to play R&B and entertain, but I also wanted to teach. 

The show went on to take home ‘Best Radio Show’ at the Student Life Awards, securing its place and legacy into the halls of CAU. After graduation, I moved to New York and took the show with me. People called, emailed and sent messages asking for the show to return. I listened. I started broadcasting the show from home — out of my own pocket. 

People were listening. This time, it was not just students from my alma mater, but local residents of New York City where I live. Record labels, artists and managers alike began to see Pillow Talk as a reputable outlet for their clients. Since its inception, we’ve been fortunate to host such guests including fellow CAU alum Bobby V, Grammy-nominated singer Joe, Mack Wilds, Leela James, Raheem DeVaughn, K. Michelle, Willie Taylor, Dawn Richard, Glenn Lewis, Alex Jacke, Josh Xantus, film producer Jeff Clanagan, Issa Rae and several others, respectively. All out of my small apartment in Brooklyn, with my roommate being very nosy. 

In 2013, a change occurred that elevated Pillow Talk to an entirely new level. We inked an exclusive  partnership with, with the Soul Train award-winning website becoming our sole sponsor. More listeners. More access. More entertainment. It was everything I dreamed of. 

As I moved forward with my work as a voice actor and public speaker, and as things began to come full circle with Pillow Talk, I realized I accomplished all and more than I had set out to do with the show. In my dorm room at Clark Atlanta, I just wanted to do something that mattered. When I told BJ, my college roommate, that I wanted to start a radio show he responded: “What are you waiting on?” 

Today, I still utilize that guidance. And after a major setback last year, I started to focus on what I want to do — rather than what others would like for me to do. During Run October with Carmen Ellis, and with me leading 30 Days to Change, I took my own advice and reflected on not just the future, but the present. In June of last year, as I prepared to take the stage to deliver a commencement speech to nearly 500 people, I asked myself some very hard questions: What is it that I really should be doing? Am I all that I want to be? When is it time to get going on the things that truly matter to me? 

That time, my friends, is right now and I want (scratch that: I need) you to join me. Join me on a journey. A journey that I can’t promise will be easy, but one that I can guarantee will harbor great life-changing results. It will challenge us and inspire us to reach higher. It will lead to discovery. It will require exploration. It will require we give it all we’ve got.

At 50,000 iTunes podcast downloads, you and I have connected in a way I’ll never get back again. But I know it was worth every minute, and I know there are even greater times ahead. I want to see what else is out there — and I invite you to join me in this next chapter. I think it’s gonna be fun.

‘Til next time,