Voiceover: Breaking in and Making a Demo Webinar

What If People Would Actually Pay You For Your Voice?


Find Your Voice, Build A Network, And Launch your voiceover career…

Launch your voiceover career by understanding the opportunities (and pitfalls) that are right around the corner. Kareem Taylor has learned these lessons the hard way, and in this entertaining (and useful) class, he’ll share what he knows. Save time and avoid dead ends as you prepare and launch your voiceover career.

This fast-moving class features hands-on, strategic and practical tactics every aspiring voiceover actor ought to consider.

If you’re going to put in the time and the money and the energy to turn your dream into a reality that matters, it pays to get this stuff right.

What You’ll Learn

Introduction to Demos: How the marketing and promotion business listens to demos and the different ways in which your voice can be used. Plus, how to make a demo, what to put on it and what mistakes to avoid.

Building Marketing Collateral: How to develop the materials you need in order to influence hiring managers and book jobs. From a demo to voiceover marketplaces to your own website.

Introduction to Agencies: How to choose and communicate with agencies in order to sign, book gigs and negotiate better contracts. Plus, I’ll answer the question “Do you need an agent?” The answer is yes and no, depending on your needs.

Work Outside of Agencies: Signing with an agency is fantastic, but there’s plenty of work to be done that doesn’t require you needing an agent — we live in a digital world now with Voices.com and Voice 123.

Microphones & Equipment: Choose a starting mic or a pro mic, from expensive to budget options. I’ll tell you which to get based on your needs.

Plus, minutes and minutes of the things you didn’t realize you didn’t know about the voiceover industry.

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