Join Kareem Taylor LIVE in Los Angeles at Getting Into Voiceover

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Breaking into Voiceover, Making a Demo, Getting an Agent and Getting BOOKED.

You didn’t come to Hollywood to just hit the beaches and enjoy the palm trees. Or to watch everyone else get ahead. What separates you from others is you’re not saying “It’d be nice to try this out.” You’re saying “This is my life’s work.” Right now, you have the ability to learn right here in Hollywood, the mecca of the film business. And you’ve come to the right masterclass, taught by one of the most interesting figures of today’s voiceover scene. Did you already see the Youtube video? Watch it here.

For the first time ever, Kareem Taylor, noted by the Atlanta Journal Constitution as one of the youngest and most successful voiceover actors, is teaching a class LIVE in Los Angeles.

It’s one thing to just take a class. It’s another to be assisted and encouraged to get out in the real world and get a job. Not just any job, but a voiceover job. That’s the kind of energy you’ll find at this masterclass. 

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To be clear, this is not a technique class. Technique means you know what to do. But it doesn’t mean you know how to apply it. There’s plenty of technique classes in Los Angeles, and many of them are really good. Instead, this is a voiceover business class, where you’ll learn the ins and outs of getting work and getting paid. 

Our masterclass covers…

  • best agents to sign with in Hollywood and New York and how to work with them
  • best studio(s) in Hollywood to record your voiceover demo 
  • best way to use Voice123 and other sites to book work and increase your income
  • advice on best books and RESOUCES to get help and improve your voiceover career
  • appropriate fees and rates to invoice your clients
  • quick presentation on the world of ENTERTAINMENT marketing and how this industry works
  • union and non-union work, and why it doesn’t matter anymore
  • quick presentation on the state of the voiceover business
  • ideas and best practices on branding your voiceover career and influencing hiring managers
  • listen to your demo and give feedback and best next steps ON THE SPOT!
  • fully thought out list of mistakes to avoid in the voiceover business (there’s so many)
  • Q&A session to answer EVERY question you have about voiceover! 
  • PERSONAL time with one of the most interesting voiceover artists in Hollywood!

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For voiceover actors. For actors. For people who tell stories with their voice. You belong here. Don’t just live in Hollywood, stake your claim.

After Getting Into Voiceover: Masterclass, you will never be able to return to your civilian life; you will be a voiceover actor. It’s one thing to land a gig at your local high school football game, it’s another to land a series of promos on Nickelodeon. Anything is possible.

If you’re looking to launch your voiceover career, and even wanting to learn about the new ways to monetize your voice, this masterclass is for you. Get your tickets here!

Kareem Taylor is a LA-based voiceover actor, author and business development director. In the last five years, Kareem has worked with CNN, AT&T, UFC, Toyota, McDonald’s, Comedy Central, Aspire TV, Taco Bell, Redbull Media House, Sony Pictures Television and more. He has worked as both a promo and commercial voiceover actor, including work in Upfront presentations, political ads and digital. In 2016, Kareem was profiled in Black Enterprise magazine for his work as a voiceover actor, and for his book, Get Your Life! The Transforming Power of Turning Fate Into Fortune. He speaks to audiences around the globe. To hear and watch his work, visit