Get Your Life! Readers Guide

Reading Guide (PDF)


How do you measure success? How much do you think you have to sacrifice in order to get ahead? Do you always feel held back, stuck and busy? Do you often feel there’s just not enough time in a day to get it all done? Kareem Taylor — voiceover actor behind many of the world’s leading entertainment brands — headed on a journey to redefine success after he broke down from exhaustion and lack of sleep.

Drawing on the advice from psychologists, spiritual leaders, prolific writers, ancient philosophers, and his inspiring mother, Kareem set out to create a new measure for success. The result is Get Your Life!, a rallying cry for a new measure of success — beyond money and power — that emphasizes physical and emotional well-being as the true indicators of a life well lived.

Rescuing us from our 24/7 hyperconnected world, which steeps us in information but starves us of wisdom, Get Your Life! presents a transformative plan for recharging our bodies and reclaiming what really matters.

We hope that the following topics will enrich your experience of this refreshing new approach to living with purpose, meaning and true well-being.

Questions and Topics for Discussion

1. Kareem Taylor writes that “Success now has everything to do with ambition management”, saying that motivation, determination and passion don’t thrive on their own. Before reading Get Your Life!, how did you measure success? How did the book change your view of what living the good life is all about?

2. Describing his 2013 wake-up call, Kareem writes that on the outside and to his friends, he was successful, but on the inside, he felt empty, lost and confused. The Atlanta Journal Constitution called him one of the youngest and most successful voice actors, yet he was secretly struggling to make sense of it all. In his case, “success” contributed to his stress and collapse. What are your greatest sources of stress? How many hours do you work each week? How many hours do you think about work even if you’re “off-duty?” Are you incorporating into your daily life what nurtures and recharges you?

3. Get Your Life! offers readers a variety of ways to get out of their own way, including Kareem’s personal philosophy of traveling to a new city even if you don’t have all the answers. Do you have trouble staying focused? Do you feel you’re in a supportive environment? If so, what are the biggest hurdles to finding positive spaces?

4. Kareem describes a range of approaches to marketing yourself, from personal development to mingling with others. Ultimately, he writes, “Find your voice, pay the price of success and surround yourself around the right people.” Which of these activities are you most drawn to? How can you make some form of putting yourself out there a part of your daily routine?

5. What did the book help you discover about the differences between the ways in which people discover their own gifts and talents? Can you pin-point milestones in your life where gifts turned into talents and talents turned into skill? Did you apply it?

6. The book balances ideas of improving your career and at the same time, being a source of inspiration for others who are on a similar path. What are your favorite ways to help others?

7. What does ambition mean to you? How does mental fatigue get in the way of your ambition?

8. Get Your Life! takes on the myth that we must avoid criticism and play it safe. In fact, as the book shows, opening up to criticism creates a path for success. What would life look like if it was okay to be open to criticism? What would your work environment look like if everyone opened up more?

9. The book’s final chapter lists Five Pathways to Power. Which one sticks with you the most? How does Get Your Life! inspire you to live your life differently in the future?

10. Paying homage to his education at a historically Black university, Kareem often shares sage advice from African American authors. Are there quotes or philosophies you refer to that sustain you? How can they help to bring you inner peace?