It’s not radio. It’s Pillow Talk.

Every day, at 18,000 podcast downloads, Pillow Talk with Kareem The Dream embarks on a mission to present a remarkable broadcasting experience by providing the most unique blend of R&B, social media and superior quality.

This has been true since day one.

In the summer of 2009, while studying radio in Atlanta at Clark Atlanta University, then student Kareem ‘The Dream’ Taylor was captivated by radio stations there, which in turn, inspired him to bring an R&B show to campus. His goal was simple: to raise awareness about the campus radio station and to connect people with the music they loved.

That fall, ‘Pillow Talk with Kareem The Dream’ was introduced, broadcasting live from the campus radio station. The show would become popular on campus and around Atlanta – and in turn, spawned local sponsorship, but most of all, formed a connection with listeners.

Upon graduating, Kareem traveled back to his hometown of New York City, in search of a job in radio. Though he’d interned in the industry, worked and hosted his own show – Kareem found no luck in landing a gig.

That’s when the idea to introduce Pillow Talk to New York City was born.

Today, it’s no secret Pillow Talk streams live from Kareem’s actual bedroom in Brooklyn, New York. But that’s why our friends tune in. A personal touch and high-quality streaming provides the perfect setting for such a broadcast. Touching on topics dealing with faith, marriage, relationships, friendships, forgiveness and more, Pillow Talk with Kareem The Dream is where talk, music and mood, meet.

And that’s why, since 2009, our listeners have expanded from a dorm room in Atlanta, to over 30 cities, six countries, and counting…

Here are favorite listens from Pillow Talk with Kareem The Dream.

Pillow Talk Sessions from KareemTaylor on Vimeo.