Finding power

I could think clearly again, for the first time in recent memory. Here I am standing at the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, and I feel so free. Free from responsibility and obligation. My only obligation, thinking back to last week, is to embrace the moment.

And in order to embrace the moment, we sometimes have to be in the right environment. You may know what I mean.

As a culture, we often talk about finding our why. But what we often forget about is finding our where. You and I are more likely to prosper in environments that align with our purpose. These environments could be a new city, a new workplace or an entirely new industry. When you’re reminded to breathe and see again, you are forced to confront the truth. The truth that maybe your location, physically and mentally, needs to change.

It’s true, the coffee shop located just outside a train stop drives more sales than the one tucked away on a side street. And hey, side street coffee is just as good or even better. It’s just suffering from bad location.

Most of all, we should not put ourselves where we are merely tolerated. It is much better to be in a space where you are celebrated. It turns out, that choice between tolerated and celebrated is up to us.

Sometimes the right location helps us to face reality instead of ignoring it. That may be the key to opening up the next chapter. The right chapter. The right path worth taking.