Doing Great Work

Having trouble getting your followers up on Twitter? Can’t get people to like your Facebook fan page? Not working, right? Here’s why:

Social networks are the effect – not the cause.

You’re on the right track, however, first you must begin to produce your best work off-line. In return, people who are interested in your great work, begin to look for your presence, on-line.

Begin – by sharing your great work with your family, friends, close associates and your email list. If it is, in fact, great work, it will undoubtedly be shared.

It’s not just about the numbers, though. If she has 126 followers, and releases her great work to them, she will win. 126 people will share her great work, and attract others to join in on this big thing everyone’s sharing.

If she has 300,000 followers, and has no content to release, other than a few Einstein quotes, the follower count has no value. No lasting influence, even.

Create engaging, consistent, content. Release it, and watch your followers come in, one by one, and on some days, dozens by dozens.

The message here is simple: Do great work.