Video: Kareem Taylor’s Keynote Speech at PromaxBDA Africa Conference

Live from Johannesburg, South Africa. On November 3rd, 2016, Kareem delivered the keynote speech “Storytelling in the Digital Age” to a sold out crowd of 400+ marketers. The big secret to winning at storytelling in the digital age? Tell YOUR story. Check out the inspiring keynote below. Part One: Part Two:

Finding power

I could think clearly again, for the first time in recent memory. Here I am standing at the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, and I feel so free. Free from responsibility and obligation. My only obligation, thinking back to last week, is to embrace the moment. And in order to embrace the moment, we sometimes have … Read More

The mirror

It was something I noticed all throughout grade school and college, and these days in the working environment. The teacher would pose a question, and students would raise their hand. But it wasn’t until college where I noticed that just because you had the answer, didn’t mean you raised your hand. I can remember all the times I had the … Read More

The flaw

The woman giving me a massage stopped immediately and said “Your foot.” Halfway sleep, I could hear her and responded “I’m sorry?” She continued to say “The shape of your foot. Do you play sports?” I had to break it to her that I haven’t been involved in sports teams since grade school. “Your foot,” she said “looks like my … Read More

The innovator

What makes an idea crazy? Possibly because no one else is doing it. But are crazy ideas actually the ideas that change the world? Lena Bryant’s story would say so. When doing research for an upcoming talk, I ran across an interesting story about Lane Bryant, the company Lena went on to found. Out of a job, living in Manhattan … Read More