The gym

I listened to a podcast recently where the host admittedly said “My mid 20’s dreams are way different than my early 20’s dreams. My focus has changed.” And that’s a point we often miss. We’d like to hold on to a dream, a thought process, a way of doing things. But it would benefit us more if we chose growth … Read More

Kareem Taylor LIVE in Los Angeles for new writing workshop

Come to the ONLY writing workshop in Los Angeles that teaches you how to tell stories in the DIGITAL age! Got a story you’re just itching to tell? Join me on Saturday, January 28th for a transformative 3-hour workshop in beautiful Burbank! You won’t leave the same way you came in. I work with aspiring authors who want to tell their stories and … Read More

Six years out of college and here’s the six things I know for sure

At first, it was a cold. Then, the hard coughing exacerbated my already-existing acid reflux, which made it nearly impossible to eat. Then, I was laid off from a reliable source of income. All in September 2016. Safe to say, life sucked. Not from a financial standpoint, but just mentally and emotionally. It’s hard, I think, to have your worst … Read More

The audience

Just a few weeks ago, I was on stage giving a speech to a few hundred people in Boston. Someone in the audience, I can only assume, was looking at my shoes. Another may have been looking at my jeans, or eyeing my body language, studying my rolled up sleeves. This kind of exposure happens on every stage. Keep in … Read More

Feast or famine

Often I speak to freshmen college students around the world who say to me “I want to be the next Oprah.” Two years after graduating, they call me to ask “You think T-Mobile still hiring?” And that’s the reality for many of us. Our hopes and dreams are constantly at battle with our obligations and responsibilities. Armed with degrees or … Read More