When They Don’t Know What You’re Good At

Keep this in mind: Remind them Focus on being one thing (and move away from trying to be every thing) When you have a talent, skill or idea to contribute, it’s easy (and safe) to keep to yourself, assuming it’s not extraordinary, or it’s been done before. Truth is, your idea is probably a good one. And the world needs … Read More

Why Frank Ocean Works (And So Many Others Don’t)

The answer here is simple. Frank Ocean broke the rules. Here’s how: In 2011, Ocean took the biggest risk ever and spent his hard earned dollars (which could probably not be much) to put together a very focused, and near-perfect album titled nostalgia, ULTRA, and released it for free via Tumblr. A site that hosts nearly 60 million other blogs. So, … Read More

Doing Great Work

Having trouble getting your followers up on Twitter? Can’t get people to like your Facebook fan page? Not working, right? Here’s why: Social networks are the effect – not the cause. You’re on the right track, however, first you must begin to produce your best work off-line. In return, people who are interested in your great work, begin to look … Read More

One Idea

Your one idea, matters, however, it has no use if it resides in your brain, like storage. You must take that idea, acknowledge your resources and give birth to even the smallest of action. And, you have to know, for a fact, the results you want are not instant. You weren’t the best at first try, be that as it … Read More