Join Kareem Taylor LIVE in Los Angeles at Getting Into Voiceover

Get your tickets here! Breaking into Voiceover, Making a Demo, Getting an Agent and Getting BOOKED. You didn’t come to Hollywood to just hit the beaches and enjoy the palm trees. Or to watch everyone else get ahead. What separates you from others is you’re not saying “It’d be nice to try this out.” You’re saying “This is my life’s … Read More

I’m excited to announce Encounter

Ever turned up in the mountains? Need to shake off some stress and just be yourself for a weekend? Back in December, I held my first Christmas party for friends at my apartment in LA. As the drinks started flowing, people opened up. Before long, all you could hear were laughs and arguments on whether you were “Team Issa or … Read More

Here’s the method I use to sell 1,000 books a month

When I self-published my book in October 2015, it was an immediate hit. No, it didn’t make the NY Times Bestseller list, but a hit amongst my tribe. I’ve got a mailing list with thousands of people subscribed. I’ve got a huge network of people including friends, family and colleagues. So when I announced my pre-sale, I was getting about … Read More