KAREEM TAYLOR is a freelance voiceover actor, writer and content producer based in Los Angeles, by way of Brooklyn, New York. Kareem has worked with creative agencies, advertising agencies and production companies to help them do one thing: tell the best story possible.

From national campaigns to local public service announcements, Taylor has voiced promos and commercials for clients including Sony Pictures Television, CNN, Fusion TV, RedBull, AT&T, McDonald’s, Comedy Central, Comcast and Taco Bell, respectively.

Kareem has also launched into the public speaking circuit as a leading speaker at graduations, workshops and conferences across the United States.

When not working (and while working), Taylor enjoys Hip Hop, black coffee and WWE Monday Night Raw.

His latest e-book, The End of Business Cards, is out now.


In reading some of the newsletters and seeing the things Kareem has accomplished in his life, he has taught me to step out on faith and find what I’m most passionate about.