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There aren’t too many musicians with their own sound. R&B singer Alex Jacke is the exception.

On Valentines Day 2013, the Los Angeles native released DFM Deluxe, completing his Summer 2012 release D.F.M., adding four new tracks including “Love to Love Ya” and the seductive “Pure Perfection”. The 12-song EP is available on his official website.

But not too long ago, Jacke was just a singer trying to get the word out.

It’s 2010 – and Trey Songz is seeing the biggest hit of his career with “Say Ahh” featuring Fabolous, and Usher’s enjoying pop success with “OMG”. Pillow Talk wins “Best Radio Show” and becomes the most listened to broadcast at Clark Atlanta University.

Still, while acts like Songz and Usher dominate the charts, the hunt for new music is as fresh as could be. I sneak in the WSTU 98.1 studios, during off-hours as usual, searching for inspiration, and new, undiscovered, R&B to share with listeners. I rummage through the goodness that is Maya’s blog and stumble on a song titled “My Bad” by an artist going by the name: Alex Jacke.

“Love To Love Ya”

This song prompts me to wonder: “Who is this?” After a short Google search, I learn that Alex is a student at Morehouse College, right across the street.

And “My Bad” is great and I’m playing it on WSTU, but as I search to find more tunes from Jacke, I hit a wall, as this seems to be a one-time-only event. For the next two years, I’d hear nothing else, assuming Jacke threw in the hat for a college-degreed career at Dunkin Donuts. Or wherever college grads can get hired these days.

Then, in summer 2012, the name Alex Jacke resurfaces. I learn of Jacke’s latest happenings – he’s left Atlanta for Los Angeles, signed with Laney Stewart’s production label and is prepping to release his first EP, D.F.M., promoted with the lead single “One Thing“. And he’s got a social following that proves I’m probably the only person who has yet to catch on to the new stuff.

Wow. This dude is back and he’s seriously, serious. As he should be. “One Thing” is as refreshing as ever, with a beat, hook and sound you literally cannot find anywhere else. People have got to hear this. Somehow, I’ve coerced the good folks at to believe in my ear for incredible R&B and introduced them (and blogs who spy) to something new.

“No Hands”

That September, Jacke joined us on the now New York City-based Pillow Talk radio show appearing in our “Lie Detector” segment reluctantly answering questions about his past relationships.

A wise man once said: “The only artists that survive are the ones who don’t sound like anyone else.” Time will tell for Jacke, but if he keeps up this gradual move, it will all soon turn into a celebratory tidal wave. And with DFM Deluxe, you’ll see there’s not “one thing” stopping this R&B singer from getting there.

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