The dance

Yo. Blessed. Right now on TV, I’m the voice behind the UFC commercial launching their new fight kits by Reebok. You can watch it here. When I think about where I started and where I’m headed, it reminds me about dancing. And not the kind of dance you’re thinking.

There is nothing you can do when your boss hands you the pink slip. This is not to spark fear, but to provoke you into thinking about your potential outside of someone else’s vision.

Seth Godin, one of my favorite writers and an endorser of Get Your Life!, says the secret to success is being able to dance. When things don’t work, he says, can you dance? Can you maneuver? Can you switch your approach?

We all deserve to do what we love, sooner rather than later. And in order to do it soon and capture the possibility, we must be willing to say yes at this moment.

Get Your Life! is based on the one idea I’ve talked about for years. Your next big break is coming.

But the question becomes: Will you miss it or will you be there? Showing up, being present and noticing the blessing, is all there is to it.

Coming up: On Saturday, October 10th here in Los Angeles, I’m holding a free workshop on living life on your terms. I’ll open with a talk about you and your potential, then Q&A and an off-the-record discussion about your challenges and issues. It’s a few hours, with other like-minded people. Moments like this could change everything.

The tables may turn. You might be the one giving the pink slip to your boss, your past and your fears.

Stay tuned for more details. Until then, go out there right now and make something happen. That is all I care about.


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