Dollar and a dream workshop in October

Yo. For the first time ever, I’m holding a free workshop in Los Angeles this coming Saturday, October 10th from 10am-12noon. It’s open to just ten potential outliers. Claim your spot here.

Getting to your dreams, as we all know, is shitty, messy and confusing. I’ve been there.

I read an article where a critic asked if Childish Gambino was an actor, rapper or singer. And I thought to myself, on what I’ve been talking about for years, it doesn’t matter what you think he is. All that matters is that he’s doing what he’s capable of.

And that is exactly what this workshop is about. Your break is coming. Will you see it or will you miss it? Will you step into it, or will you avoid it? This weekend, a friend said to me “I still don’t know what to do with my life.”
It’s a real place to be.

This is why I believe you need to be at my free workshop this Saturday 10/10 at 10am at Santa Monica College: Bundy Campus in beautiful Mar Vista, Los Angeles.

I’ve been obsessed with this idea for years. What makes people change? Can we do what we’re capable of? What is stopping us?

I invite you to join me and potential outliers in this powerful discussion on raising your hand, failure and most of all, how to get past your fears and finally launch your creative passion.

As you know, I don’t make claims to be a know it all guru, or to say look at me, a perfect person. I have simply fallen on my ass many times, been on many creative adventures and offer new ways of thinking that I’ve seen transform the lives of my peers.

I am doing the best work of my life. I want to help you do the best work of your life.

I’m hoping you’ll come and see how far it will take you. RSVP now to save your seat.


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