Make something

Yo. Imagine taking a leap of faith in order to build the life you deserve. A friend of mine designed a deck of playing cards that he now sells on Amazon and brings home thousands of dollars a month. All without having to quit his day job. He’s simply doing what he loves.

His story is inspiring and not just because of the amount of money he takes home every month. It’s inspiring because we live in an age where anyone with a service, a product or a social media brand, can spread their idea.

We have our parents and grandparents to thank for ushering in the manufacturing era and creating easier ways to do traditionally hard things. We’ve taken those lessons and created organizations that are changing the world, right now, as we speak.

Coming up with your next big idea might be easier than you think. Instead of starting from scratch, it may be easier (and smarter) to use an exisiting platform and utilize its strength.

Google, Snapchat, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Etsy, Uber, Lyft or AirBnB didn’t create the internet or the code. They integrated their idea into an existing infrastructure — and it changed how we operate on a daily basis.

We can look at NastyGal’s Sophia Amoruso, Bethany Mota and Marie Forleo, who have all used an existing platform to build and expand their great ideas. It may be time to stop trying to reinvent the wheel and start using the wheel to spread your idea.

I am not saying that all you have to do is create a Twitter account and tweet cool things. It takes more than that. It takes the traditional blood, sweat and tears to build a brand. I am not saying it will be easy. In fact, it took five years before people starting reading my emails. It took a year and four demos for a talent agent to talk to me. It took seven months and eighty different resumes to find a job in LA. Your brilliance, I tell you, is a habit. Not a temporary hustle.

If you’re an ambitious soul, I suggest you look closely at your community and find opportunities to spread your idea. It may be at the local farmer’s market, the next street festival, a mailing list, in your living room or in an online meet up. The connection economy matched with the manufacturing revolution happening right now makes the perfect recipe for a brilliant mind to succeed.

Someone, somewhere, is waiting to buy what you have to offer. Now, you just have to give it to them. The interesting thing is that you’re the only one who can do it. That’s why it doesn’t exist yet.

Get your life!


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