Where to be

Yo. We’ve all heard the saying: right place, wrong time. But are we ever really sure if we are where we’re supposed to be?

Last night, a friend of mine suggested I attend the MTV VMA’s here in LA. I was not interested in attending, but he insisted I should be there. In his eyes, I was missing out on a great opportunity to network, considering my new book.

Whether it’s your physical location or your mental space, we are all searching for the perfect environment that will boost our chances for success. You may be in LA, but feel like you should be in NYC. You may be in Atlanta, but know in your heart you belong in Dallas. You may be thinking about buying tickets for that conference, but cash is tight.

You may be wherever you are, and have no idea about where you should go next. Figuring out where to be, though, is not really about the where. It’s really about the why.

Breaking down the why and understanding the objective for your next big adventure is the start to figuring out where to be.

So when it comes to me being at the VMA’s, there is no reason to be. It may work well for a good photo on social media, but it doesn’t serve my purpose at this moment.

My why begins with you, the reader, the one who already opens up my emails, watches my videos, spreads my message.

When determining where we should be, we must be clear about our why. It is not always about putting yourself where action is happening. Many times, it’s about putting yourself in front of the right kind of people.

There must be a healthy level of stubbornness and insistence on your why. When you know your why, your passion becomes undeniable and your vision becomes clear.

Figure out why to be and then focus on where to be. Missing out starts to feel less like a regret, and more like a blessing. Knowing what and where to put your focus on creates the best environment for success.


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